We could try to break our way in…
…or we could just BLOW IT UP!

A wandering menagerie of ethnicity and intention, The Band of Dubious Reasons has never officially recognized the name that so befits their odd company. The tales told of their exploits are both amazing to imagine and difficult to believe; the ragtag characters, whose histories call from such disparate classes as noble bloodlines and lowly nomads, have forged an alliance so unlikely that even its own existence is questioned, refuted, or even flat-out denied.

After all, who would believe that tieflings, halflings, humans and faeries would band together? Indeed, who would belive an Eladrin would work with anyone? If all tales told of the band are to be believed, then they are at once both thieves and philanthropists; kidnappers and emancipators; smugglers and privateers; fences and historians; guerrillas and diplomats. They have been described as spies, confidence tricksters, revolutionaries, pirates, and friends of the church. They are purported to have broken apart the Bloodghost Syndicate, were supposedly both allies and enemies of Armonites and Caer’allan’an, and are rumored to have held held audience with the Madien of the Moon, The Lady of Pain, and The Raven Queen. Some say they once slew a Feydark dragon, in its own lair, no less.

And yet the group to whom the befittingly evasive moniker has been appended continue to barrel forth through creation in tune to their own chaotic drums: they unerringly slay beasts and unwittingly unprison evils, their adventures unearth treasures and horrors alike, their presence can equally foment rebellion in the face of injustice and spray sparks into a keg of alchemical pyrotechnics. Whether theirs is a torch held high as a beacon of hope in a world growing dark, or the burning fire of a wick at the apex of a grenadier’s throw, The Band of Dubious Reasons are indeed a bright and shining light.