Dreyfuss Goodfellow

He's just this guy, you know?


Dreyfuss Goodfellow is a human that appears to be in his mid-twenties to early thirties. He has dusty blonde hair, stands slightly over six feet tall, and could be considered mildly obese. He generally wears a very plain robe, and sandals. He always has a tattered notebook with him, and is accompanied by a large, brown woodland owl named Faust.


Dreyfuss Goodfellow hails from a small village in a small corner of a small world. His parents, the Goodfellows, were a happy-go-lucky couple that made their living as the village’s unofficial theater troupe. Both of his parents had a limited knowledge of the use of magic, and passed on what knowledge they had to their young son. Dreyfuss, being not at all small in mind or body, decided at the tender age of 15 to venture forth into the larger world to see if he might fit into it better. He kissed his parents, loaded up a mule, whistled to his pet owl Faust, and headed down the dusty trail. Hilarity ensued.

Dreyfuss quickly found a meager living performing cantrips for children, old matrons, and any other sentient beings that might pass on a copper or two for a moment of entertainment. He would then spend his nights at a tavern, often trading the very same tricks for a bed of hay, a mug of mead, and a plate of food. At the time, Dreyfuss was quite satisfied with his simple existence, as it seemed far less simple than the one he had left. His ability with the use of magic had grown, and he was even developing his own style, which he referred to as ‘Druidic Arcane Fusion.’ Later, after his apparent death, many of his writings on the topic would widely be referred to as the first non-fey explorations into ‘wyld magic.’

Dreyfuss’ true growth as a mage began when he met a ragtag group of young adventurers during one of his many stays at a tavern. The group had just embarked on a journey to search for a fabled red dragon that was said to have amassed an amazing amount of treasure. The group traveled together for five years, growing as a unit, and as individuals. Eventually, the group did encounter the dragon they had initially sought. The meeting went badly for the party. While no reports of the event have ever been the same, it is said that Dreyfuss Goodfellow expended all his energy in a single spell that, while successful in destroying the dragon, also destroyed Dreyfuss, the treasure, half the mountain, and the entire party.

It is unclear what exactly occurred, but Dreyfuss Goodfellow’s spirit continued on in another plane. He reappeared as a large bullfrog, and attached himself to the budding halfling sorcerer known as Toad. Dreyfuss acted as Toad’s companion for a number of years, participating in his adventures, and eventually participating in his demise. Toad, along with his twin brother, a halfling druid known as Spider, perished in battle, but Dreyfuss survived. Again, without any clear explanation as to why, Dreyfuss reformed himself in the material world by eating the halfling brothers. The spirit frog swallowed the brothers, and then transformed back into Dreyfuss Goodfellow. All witnesses report that the event was both shocking, and disgusting. The resulting naked human body they witnessed after the event is usually just referred to as disgusting, but slightly less shocking.

Dreyfuss currently travels with Toad’s former band of explorers. He has yet to offer any explanation as to why he consumed the halflings’ bodies, nor has he even really acknowledged the occurrence. His owl, Faust, also returned, but this time in the same apparent spirit form that Dreyfuss escaped from. Since his return, he has acted as if nothing out of the ordinary took place, and has done his best to return to the joviality, and carefree nature that he previously embodied. He drinks, eats, and is as merry as always. There is, however, a permeating darkness that seems to lurk just under the surface………..

The saga continues.

Dreyfuss Goodfellow

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