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Welcome to Dungeons and Dragons and Drinking.

You know what you’re all doing here, so I won’t sugarcoat it: There’s a lot of disorganization at the moment while I try to find time to sort out all my ideas and post them in an “organized fashion.” If you feel like helping, create a New Page.

I’ve decided that this wiki should serve as the group’s general knowledge for stuff, so I’m going to be fleshing out bits as they occur, as well as pertinent elements to backstory for characters and the world. Until I have a solid index, this will just be a posting of some cool shit, so in the meantime, enjoy this stuff:

The Band of Dubious Reasons crew listing

Races of “people” common to the Reyal Valley, and their varied systems of worship.

Fey “people” likely to be encountered in Faereal.

A socio-political history of the Reyal Valley, written by Aragathia the Vagabond and edited by Ardenope Faekin.

The Court of Stars and a bit on Fey Courtly Society.

A timeline of the historical events to happen in the Reyal Valley.

Main Page

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