Hundreds of years ago, the leaders of the human empire of Bael Turath made pacts with devils to solidify their hold over its enormous territory. Those humans became the first tieflings, and they governed their empire in the name of their infernal masters. In time, Bael Turath came into conflict with Arkhosia, the ancient empire of the dragonborn, and nearly a century of warfare left both empires in ruins. Bael Turath’s grand capital was thrown down in cataclysm.

Following the collapse of their empire, tieflings were scattered. Bearing the infernal visage that was the mark of their pact with the forces of darkness, they found a cold and sometimes deadly welcome in the humanoid societies to which they fled. Once a powerful people with a strong nobility, the tieflings were reduced to little more than vagabonds.

Heirs to an ancient, infernal bloodline, tieflings today have no true realms of their own, instead living within human kingdoms and cities. In the present age, tieflings are less common than many other races, but their numbers grow stronger with each generation, left to make their own way in a world that often fears and resents them. Remarkably, the once-grand empire of Bael Turath never reached their hands over the lands of the Reyal Valley, and as such, only a few expatriate or refugee tieflings can be found in it’s hills and prairies.

While few people are bold enough to challenge a “dragon-man,” many are apt to fear the infernal in tieflings as easily as they fear the fey in half-elves. What tieflings one may encounter are likely to live in the Free Caer’allan, working as merchants of the arcane. Some are employed by the darker of organizations as magical muscle, which only furthers the prejudices held against them. Rare is the tiefiling adventurer who ventures into the Feifdoms, rarer is the one received warmly.


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