Gigi Izguierda

assassin, bard, half elf


bb642f7de008d25e2ba2b7f7b9be8f31.jpg Half-elven, bardic-trained “courtier” from The Greater Principality of Watchspire in the lands of Faereal.


Gigi met the The Band of Dubious Reasons while they were storming the caves of Kracken’s Cove, as she was being held “hostage” by Captain Kigante of the Crimson Fleet, for as yet undisclosed reasons. After being released, Gigi proved her amazing reliability in combat and her capable diplomatic skills to warrant a brief alliance with Lysevrgvs and his House of Placid Waters, and his allies in the The Band of Dubious Reasons. She continued with the Band through a portal to the Reyal Valley, aiding in their search to find Taeic’s captive sister, Ayelette.

erika_2015_by_dreamerwhit95-d8du2h1.jpg After freeing her from the aristocrat slave-owners who were her captors, as well as assisting Oona in extracting Twinkle from a witch-hunter’s trap in the town of Bujold, Gigi returned to the Feywild. Calling upon favors, twisting arms, blackmailing, and using every other underhanded and nefarious technique in her repertoire, she hunted down and brought to justice all of those directly responsible for the death of her liege, Emira Spellbound , Grand Vizier of the Principality of Greater Witchspire, including Count Montey Givejatas of the Sound, and his handler Elesdri, a lamia shapeshifter and agent for a group calling itself the “Cult of the Elemental Eye.” Severing the last of her ties to the courts of the Witchspire Peninsula, she returned to the village of Waypoint to travel back to the Reyal Valley once more, alongside Lysergvs and Sol. After reconnoitering with the Band of Dubious Reasons once more in Oretown, she, Sol, and Oona embarked upon an expedition to explore and map the lands of the Divide, and continues to forge a closer camaraderie with her allies.

Gigi Izguierda

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